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Centre Boint Tower, 106 Nguyễn Văn Trỗi, P.8, Q. Phú Nhuận
HCM, Vietnam


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LG Chem Ltd. (Korean: LG화학), often referred to as LG Chemical, is the largest Korean chemical company and is headquartered in SeoulSouth Korea. It was the 10th largest chemical company in the world by sales in 2017. It was first established as the Lucky Chemical Industrial Corporation, which manufactured cosmetics. It is now solely a business-to-business company.

In order to create a holding company, the "old" LG Chem (the legal predecessor of LG Corp) was split off, creating the "new" LG Chem and LG Care. The "old" LG Chem changed its name to LG CI l. After its merger with LG EI (the legal successor of Goldstar) in 2003, it changed its name to LG Corp.

The company has eight factories in South Korea and a network of 29 business locations in 15 countries. This network includes a holding company in China, 14 overseas manufacturing subsidiaries, five marketing subsidiaries, seven representative offices, and two R&D centers.The Financial Times reported on April 2, 2017, that LG Chem would be expanding battery production in China. At the time, China accounted for one-third of the company's total sale.

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