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Tập đoàn Trung Thủy
Số 21 Nguyễn Trung Ngạn, Quận 1
HCM, Vietnam

Web: http://ttgvn.com/about

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With the explosive growth in the past decade, Vietnam has proven itself to be worthy of attention by all the world’s largest companies. Samsung, Intel and Apple just to name a few, have already established their foot print in Vietnam and are expanding rapidly. Foreign investments are just one of the many key drivers of this vibrant economy and another substantial engine for growth is definitely the local companies that have established themselves through the early days of Vietnam opening up to the world and continue to grow with the times. TTG is one of those company.
Established in early 1995s by its founders who now remain Chairwoman and Strategic Advisor to CEO, Trung Thuy Group (now called TTG Holding) has grown in leaps and bounds to set itself amongst the most reputable real estate developers in Vietnam, known for its high quality projects. TTG Holding also remain diversified in its portfolio and invest in other strategic businesses that bring added value to the group, such as Hospitality, Tourism and Investment.

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