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Synergy Trans
9 Huaqiang Road, Guangzhou, China

Web: www.xinshify.com.cn

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Synergy Translations, based in Guangzhou, China is a respected provider of translation and interpreting services. We assist foreign and Chinese companies in their efforts to establish a presence and build brand image not only in China but also in overseas markets. Synergy endeavors to eliminate the barriers between cultures and languages, and in the process, we create an open environment for the conduct of global and regional business. Given our commitment to quality in translation and interpreting, we've built a solid reputation throughout the industry. So, we're able to match our clients with the most qualified linguists for their particular needs. Often these relationships develop into long-term positions for the linguists we assign. We cater to clients from a wide spectrum of industries, including finance, healthcare, life science and telecommunications.
Synergy--a proud member of the Translators Association of China--is committed to the elevation of industry standards for translation services.
Synergy Translations: "Bettering Global Communication"

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Mức lương:20.238.621
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Ngày hết hạn:31/12/2019
Công ty: Synergy Trans
广州协同翻译公司正在开展一个庞大的漫画翻译项目,需要一个合作者将中文翻译成越南语。如果您对中国文化和漫画感兴趣,请将您的简历发送给我们。   Synergy...
Mức lương:1000元
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Ngày hết hạn:31/12/2019
Công ty: Synergy Trans
招聘越南语翻译(笔译项目) 广州信实翻译公司现有一个大型的笔译项目,内容关于漫画类,需要将中文翻译越南语。 如果您对中国文化及漫画感兴趣,欢迎投递简历。...