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To satisfy the increasing needs for employment, 1001dreamjobs.com or 1001vieclam.com has been launched and developed by Digital Business Corporation serving as a bridge connecting businesses and job seekers.
At 1001dreamjobs.com or 1001vieclam.com, employers can launch job advertisement professionally and effectively, search outstanding resumes to find out the most qualified candidates for your organization. With our effective on-line hiring tools business can facilitate the recruitment process thus saving time and cost.
1001dreamjobs.com or 1001vieclam.com exposes golden chances for job seekers to advance in career select the best from the most up-to-date job lists and get the ever desired job.
Services for employers:
  • Posting job ad
  • Executive profiles searching
  • Resumes screening
  • Developing career website
  • Hiring advice
  • Offering corporate training courses
Services for job seekers:
  • Job searching
  • Posting resume
  • Employer profiles searching
  • Useful career advice
  • Providing training courses for career development
For further information, please call us at: 84-8-9485033, or email us at: info@1001vieclam.com
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